We know that our youth hold the key to our future and as such, we are extremely proud of our youth programs, Delta Academy, Delta GEMs, Jabberwock/Jewel Court Cotillion and EMBODI, which engage and prepare them for the future. Our commitment is not only for youth in our immediate locale as it reaches to Africa through the Clean Water Project and places such as Haiti and Belize by providing school supplies and books.

We also recognize our role in supporting those charged with raising our youth. Our political forums, financial workshops and health fairs are just a few methods currently used to empower others.  We are committed to developing new opportunities which allow us to affect positive social, political, and economic change in our community.

We are proud of our history and will continue to serve our community with programs implemented and centered on our core programs:

    • Educational Development
    • Economic Development
    • International Awareness and Involvement
    • Physical and Mental Health
    • Social Action