International Awareness


To enhance and sustain global visibility and impact by providing financial and other tangible support for relief efforts in Haiti, South Africa and other Third World countries which include:

  • Adelaide Tambo School (South Africa)
  • Delta House/Vashti Village (Swaziland)
  • Delta Sigma Theta School/Cynthia Butler McIntyre Campus (Haiti)
  • Mary Help of the Sick Hospital (Kenya)
  • Training Resources for Early Education (South Africa)
  • Water Tanks, Supplies and Scholarships at the Siena Primary School, I Can Fly High School and Muindi Mbinga School (Kenya)

To support the World AIDS campaign under the current theme, “ACT AGAINST AIDS” by:

  • Highlighting our uncompromising commitment to communities by maintaining outreach efforts to stem the AIDS epidemic in our families, communities, country and abroad
  • Implementing impactful activities that align with the World AIDS campaign that focuses on “zero AIDS related deaths”
  • Modeling the leadership we exemplify by knowing and remaining abreast of our own individual HIV/AIDS status and encouraging others to do the same


International Awareness Initiatives

Our committee’s theme for 2016-2017 is “We SEE You!”  This simple but powerful message expresses our empathy and committed support for our brothers and sisters around the globe who live in impoverished conditions without adequate nourishment, education, medical treatment and basic sustenance.  Specific activities are:

  • RED Power Convos, a World AIDS Day initiative to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in our community
  • RED Ribbon Bingo to provide financial support and onesies for infants, children and mothers treated in the HIV/AIDS program at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarré, Haiti
  • Medical Supplies to the diabetes treatment program at Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahamas


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