World Vision Sponsor-a-Child Program in a Third World Country

We Are the World:
East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter Expands Our Family

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When the National Program Planning and Development Committee encouraged chapters to recommit to sponsorship of children from Africa or other Third World countries to increase Delta’s worldwide impact on nourishment and education of impoverished/orphan children, the members of the East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter said, “YES! We Can!” Under the leadership of our International Awareness and Involvement (IA&I) Committee, the East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter has established a global partnership with World Vision to support innocent children who face unfathomable challenges just to eat, sleep, learn, thrive and survive.

Our collaboration with World Vision began in sororal year 2015-2016 under the IA&I committee’s “Random Act of Kindness” comprehensive plan. It has expanded and been extended through the current 2016-2017 sororal year under the committee’s current “I SEE You” comprehensive plan.

In July 2015, Soror Reaneé Ivey Ellis, one of our IA&I co-chairpersons, introduced her new daughter, Youlvie, from Haiti, to the chapter. Soror Ellis reflected on her communications with Youlvie through World Vision and displayed the beautifully framed picture of her new little girl that sits on her fireplace mantle along with all the other family pictures. Youlvie was the spark that motivated chapter sorors to become “other moms” to World Vision children who, through no fault of their own, might never enjoy the comforts that we often take for granted.

Each month, more and more sorors reported that they had “given birth” to World Vision children and proudly shared pictures of their new babies. Before we knew it, we had 11 new members of our East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter family. These children reside all around the globe in places such as Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Haiti, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya and Lesotho.

Our World Vision mothers have made a minimum two-year commitment to the provision of support for their children. Their relationships with the children are varied but each is very special. Some moms communicate with their children via letters and email. Others provide additional financial support on special occasions and through targeted World Vision campaigns. Our chapter sponsored son, Rafiki David, has a birthday in May and we have a really special surprise for him this year.

For just $39.00 a month or $468.00 annually, you, too, can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child who resides in a Third World country. For more information contact, World Vision 1-888-511-6548 or via the web:

We applaud our World Vision Moms who have generously shared their resources to improve the quality of life for children who reside in Third World countries. Thank you Sorors Beverly Clopton, Devida Dixon, Reaneé Ivey Ellis, Michelle Hill, Natalie Lambright, Ella Loving and Barbara Wallace.

Sorors Reaneé Ivey Ellis, René Morrow and Tine Shanks-Williams serve as co-chairpersons for the International Awareness and Involvement Committee in the East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter.