Full of Hope

Last year I attended a dinner that was a fundraiser for a ministry which provides a home for broken hearted, wounded and shipwrecked women. Local artists donated paintings for the silent auction, gift baskets and more. The women in the home created beautiful earrings and baked healthy sourdough bread to sell at the event. As I walked around experiencing the intense love and excitement of the evening, my heart was filled with joy for these women. The women created posters of which they wrote how they felt entering the program and a statement of which they were presently striving for on the back. One poster touched my heart, it read; I was hopeless (front) /Now I am full of hope (back). As I pondered this statement, my mind resurfaced times in my life when everything seemed hopeless. I am sure that I am not the only one who has experienced this sense of hopelessness.

Let us examine the Word of God to see where others have experienced this same feeling of doom and gloom. David could not do enough to please King Saul; even after he killed the giant Goliath, killed 200 Philistine men, pays tribute to his king and yet Saul tries to kill him with a spear at the dinner table not once but twice! (1 Samuel 18 & 20) Now David is on the run, homeless, wifeless and without his best friend. This is enough to send anyone into despair, but David kept God’s commandment to honor the Lord’s anointed and did not take revenge on King Saul even when he had the opportunity to do so. Another example is recorded in the New Testament, Paul and Silas were going about preaching the Word of God, healing the sick and delivering many. A slave girl who had a demonic spirit was set free by Paul’s rebuke, caused the people in that town to rip their clothes off, beat them with rods publicly and throw them in jail. These unfortunate events occurred while doing the will of God; however, at midnight Paul and Silas praised their hope back into their hearts and God heard it! An earthquake swung the locked doors opened and the jailer himself attended to their wounds. (Acts 16)

What has your soul cast down and your heart overwhelmed? Look up and cry out to our God. We have hope! Christ the hope of glory. He endured the suffering of the cross for the hope that you and I would enter into fellowship with God the Father and made as one with Christ. When it doesn’t seem like God is rescuing you right away, there is a bigger picture to consider. Read about these wonderful people in the Bible to give you a different perspective on what you are going through.

Pray Psalm 61 and grab hold of Jesus’ hand as you walk out your journey to victory. Because we have already won the battle.

Meditate on these verses when you feel discourage: Isaiah 51:11; 1 Peter 1:6 -9; Philippians 4:6-8 and Psalm 27:1-14. Don’t do it alone we are here for one another. When you lose hope, you lose vision, when you lose sight of God, you become sick.

Blessings Siren Morrison